Christen Greene is the General Manager and Head of A&R at Onto Entertainment and owner of Faux Pas Productions.  She curates and is in charge of a diverse roster of independent artists in many genres including indie rock, folk/singer-songwriter and even a slam poet.  In the last 8 years, she has signed Hey Marseilles, The Lumineers, PHOX, Chris Pureka and Andrea Gibson to management deals and led them all to subsequent record deals and releases and tours worldwide.  She currently resides in Seattle, Wa but used to call Brooklyn, NY  and before that Washington, DC home.  In 2013 she was nominated and graciously accepted a position on the Pacific Northwest Board of Governors for the GRAMMY organization where she is also a voting member.  She really hates cold calls but really loves swimming in lakes.



Stephen Hutton

After graduating law school Stephen Hutton started Uppercut Management. His first client was Kid Rock. During their time together they sold over 14 million records and received a Grammy nomination. Other clients have included Big Kenny, Better Than Ezra, All That Remains, The Heavy, Jonny Pierce (the Drums), RX Bandits, etc. Stephen also manages songwriters and currently has three songs in the Rock Top 40. Stephen recently joined Primary Wave Music where he serves as Head of the Rock Management Division.