MMF-US And Tamizdat Announce New Initiative For Affordable US Visa Services For Musicians

Getting the proper visas to tour in the US has always been tough for

non-US musicians, but in the last four years, the difficulties and

costs of obtaining legal working papers have risen astronomically. At

the MMF, we are taking an active role in working to ensure that the US

market remains accessible to foreign artists. One way we are doing

this is through our relationship with Tamizdat Inc., a New York and

Prague-based non-profit that helps non-US foreign artists get the

proper working papers needed to tour legally in the US. Since 1997,

Tamizdat has worked closely with artists, labels, agents, and

management to help thousands of musicians tour the US legally,

affordably, and with a minimum of stress. Their knowledgeable staff

guides you through the Kafkaesque process, and offers unparalleled

support every step of the way. They work closely with US Immigration

and the US consulates the world around to make sure that your papers

are ready to go when you are.