MMF-US Announces Board Of Directors Elections Re-Scheduled For February 2002

The terms of the current Board of Directors were due to expire on December 31, 2001, but nominations are being held open until January 31, 2002 due to recent interest from certain MMF members in running for the Board.

In order to be nominated for a position on the Board, a manager must be a member in good standing as of January 31, 2002. This means that a membership form (click here) must be completed and dues of $50 in check or money order payable to the MMF sent to:


PO Box 444

Village Station

New York, NY 10014

Once again, only members in good standing are allowed to be nominated or vote. In February 2002 the nomination slate will be emailed to all members in good standing. Information/procedures on voting will be outlined and made available at After the elections in 2002, the new Board will meet to pursue the issues which are so important to managers and artists in the rapidly changing music industry.

As a summary of the MMF’s accomplishments, over the past 7 years, the MMF has played a significant role in the following:

* In June 1995, the MMF-US testified before the House Judiciary

Sub-Committee on Courts and Intellectual Property to support the enacting of a digital performance royalty for artists. Many groups testified regarding the need for a digital performance royalty (which broadcasters opposed), but we were the only organization to highlight that this royalty must be paid directly to artists or the majority of artists would receive no benefit. We have kept the issue alive, and now, six years later, other artist groups have joined us in the fight to ensure that the artists' share of performance royalties be paid directly to artists.

* In 1998, the RIAA attempted to have the US bankruptcy laws changed so that an artist's contracts would still be enforceable if an artist filed for bankruptcy. If this law had passed, it would have held artists to a higher standard than every other US citizen. The MMF-US, along with other groups representing artists, were successful in having the RIAA back down from pursuing these changes.

* During 1999, sound recordings were added to a list of intellectual

property items automatically deemed to be works-made-for-hire. This amendment was passed into law as an attachment to a totally unrelated satellite communications bill, which the RIAA characterized as a "minor clarification". However, this took away from artists the ability to regain ownership of their master recordings from record companies after 35 years. A coalition of groups including the MMF-US representing artists banded together to have this law repealed, and it was repealed in 2000 after much discussion and negotiation.

* In 2001, the MMF-US joined with AURA, a sister organization of the MMF-UK, to assist artists in recovering foreign performance royalties for which they are eligible. Many US artists and their representatives are not aware of their right to these royalties, as a similar performance royalty does not exist in the US. Being part of a worldwide network of artist managers, MMF-US members are in a position to work with their clients to maximize success on a global basis.

Among benefits that manager members and their clients can take advantage of are:

1. Discounts on Alamo Car Rentals

2. Discount to $90 on the Yellow Pages of Rock

3. 15% Discount on Music Business Registry publications

4. 20-25% Discounts from Berklay Cargo on domestic and international shipments within their network

5. $100 discount on initial orders from Rainbo Records on duplication of cassettes, cd's, vinyl records or other related services

6. Services provided by Road Recovery, for artists in need of assistance with substance abuse treatment, including connections to substance abusesupport related meetings as well as emergency assistance including referrals to in and out patient substance abuse treatment facilities and a databank of sober road crew personnel.

7. Discounts on music industry conferences SXSW, Popkomm and MIDEM

8. 25% discount from Rose Morris UK on musical instruments, amplification, recording equipment, printed music and all product

types listed in its catalog.

9. Discounts on equipment from FX Rentals UK

10. Discounts on backline and transport from Matt Snowball UK

If you are interested in becoming a member or being nominated to the Board of Directors, print out the membership form (click here) and mail it with a $50 check or money order made payable to MMF-US to the address above or email us at