MMF-US At Americana Music Assoc. Conference

The 5th Annual national AMA-Americana Music Association Conference is being held from September 22nd through the 25th in Nashville, Tennessee.

The MMF-US is being represented at this conference, at both the trade show sharing a booth with Garvan Management and as part of the Management topic on a panel titled "Management in Dangerous Times" which includes MMF-US Board members (and Founding Council AMA member) Steve Garvan and Mike Gormley.

The MMF-US is working to re-establish a strong chapter of the MMF-US in Nashville, along with other recently established & developing chapters.

In 2003, there were over 700 registrants and this years conference should exceed that, along with the first-ever agreement to televise the AMA Awards ceremonies similar to the Grammys, & the CMA Awards.

For more details on this event and organization, please go to AMA Americana Music Association at