MMF Supports College Radio Day

 “College Radio Day” is the first-of-its-kind and its primary purpose is raise awareness of the importance of college in a time when many college stations are being sold by cash- strapped college and universities. So far, over 220 North American college and high school radio stations have signed on and registered their participation. Each station will produce thematic broadcasts celebrating the college radio medium – Tuesday, October 11th - additional information –

 “We are ecstatic that five weeks out, we have over 220 college and high school radio stations registered for this unprecedented broadcast event, clearly college radio is fighting back” said William Paterson University professor Dr. Rob Quicke (General Manager, WPSC-FM 88.7 – Wayne, NJ.) recently. Dr. Quicke conceived the idea and co- founded the event with Saint Xavier University’s Peter Kreten (GM, WXAV-FM – Chicago, IL.).

It’s a day we all come together and celebrate the relevance, vast history and importance of college radio in US and Canada. All the stations have pledged to devote their broadcast day, October 11th, to extol the relevance of college radio programming. It is one of the last remaining bastions of creative radio programming. It is free from the constrictions of having to be commercially viable and to this day, takes chances combining daily eclectic cultural, entertainment, sports and educational programming,” Dr Quicke said.

“College Radio Day” will unite stations across North America in a manner never attempted previously. Collectively speaking, college radio is the only free live medium brave enough to play unsigned, local and independent artists and bands on a regular basis. There are hundreds of commercial rock radio stations that feature unsigned talent but their broadcasts are limited to an hour to two a week. College radio does it all day long – 7 days a week and rarely gets the rooted credit for doing so.

A number of colleges of late are considering “selling off their student stations” and this could mean the beginning of the end of college radio as we now know it to be. Scores of mainstream hit-making bands and artists “grew up” and developed their craft and audience with college radio – for example, REM, Death Cab For Cutie, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Pearl Jam, Patty Smith, Arcade Fire, Bare Naked Ladies come to mind.

“College Radio Day” is open to all college and high school radio stations at no cost. The only requirement is to first register and then, showcase your best programming on Tuesday, October 11th. Every station will air a keynote radio feature as well, entitled, “College Radio in 2011: Its Past, Present and Future. It is a 15-minute audio feature delving into how college radio will survive as it progresses in the future. “College Radio is such a significant part of the North American media landscape and we are confident new and un-tuned listeners are just a dial away. College radio doesn’t have advertising budgets or often, wide-spread broadcast transmission due to its core affiliation of being student run and educationally centered. However, once someone tunes in and they hear classical or contemporary music or diverse news and local sports, the audience experiences radio in its purest form,” Dr. Quicke added.

“College Radio Day” is entirely run by a volunteer staff from a consortium of many college radio stations throughout North America. “CRD” was organized due to the fact college radio is often taken for granted and overlooked. It is run by people whose passion for college radio fuels the event. It has been endorsed by Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, Broadcast Education Association, College Broadcasters, Inc. and USA News Network and each are now official supporters of “College Radio Day”.

MMF member managers are encouraged to send us station ID’s from your artists who support College Radio Day to be distributed to all affiliated college radio stations. Please send all station ID’s to