MMF-US Applauds Reps. Nadler And Blackburn On Introduction Of The Fair Play Fair Pay Act Of 2015


“Thanks to Reps. Nadler and Blackburn, we finally have a chance to protect the music creators at terrestrial radio and get them paid fairly for the play they receive on AM / FM radio. There is no reason why the artists contribution should be deemed worthless when the public equates the success of the material with the performer. If the Artist didn’t render the performance you would never hear the song. Music is a medium that has to be heard and it’s the Artist who gives the music it’s voice. If you deem artists performances irrelevant and not worthy of compensation, you are basically going back to sheet music.”

"The time is now for Congress to update music licensing laws, level the playing field so that all radio services pay fair market value performance royalties and stop crying poverty and calling artist performance royalties a tax. All creators are entitled to get fair pay just like everyone else who works for a living. After all, the essence of music is the performed melody and chorus. You can ask anyone listening to a song from any radio delivery service how they like that specific recording. Virtually all of the people asked will only mention the performer.” 

The time is now, not tomorrow or next week. Pick up the phone or send an email to your Congressman and tell them you support the Fair Play Fair Pay Act of 2015 and it’s time for them to support it too.